ミューズは溺れない A Muse Never Drowns

  • A Muse Never Drowns
  • A Muse Never Drowns
  • A Muse Never Drowns
  • A Muse Never Drowns
2022 / Drama, Romance / 82min G
Available Worldwide (except Japan, Netherlands and Canada)
English, Spanish (Latin America), Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


A fresh coming-of-age film that depicts the diversity of way of living through scrap-and-build.

A member of the high school art club called Sakuko falls into the sea while sketching a boat. Witnessing the incident, Saibara creates a painting titled "Drowning Sakuko" and wins an award at a contest, leading the painting to be displayed at school. Moreover, Saibara takes the liberty of announcing that she will paint Sakuko for her next piece during a newspaper interview. Frustrated by the situation, Sakuko gives up on her artistic path and attempts to create a new work with the motif of a "boat" in her home, which is scheduled for demolition. The self-made cinema Motomachi Movie Theater takes notice of expressing the diversity of life choices through "scrap-and-build". They recommend the film, stating that the characters in the midst of their youth confront their identities and attempt to reconcile with others, seemingly in small ways but potentially taking significant steps to change society.
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Director Profile

ASAO Nozomi

ASAO Nozomi was born in Hiroshima in 1987. She studied film theory and film production at Kansai University and Rikkyo University.
Her first feature film, "A Muse Never Drowns" won the Grand Prix & Best Actress Award at the 22nd TAMA NEW WAVE Competition. The film also won four awards at the 15th Tanabe-Benkei Film Festival: Grand Prix, Audience Award, Filmination Award, and Actor's Award. She was nominated as a finalist for the Shindo Kaneto Award in 2022.
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A Muse Never Drowns
ASAO Nozomi
ASAO Nozomi
ASAO Nozomi
Motomachi Movie Theater: TAKAHASHI Isao
Motomachi Movie Theater: TAKAHASHI Isao

“A Muse Never Drowns” marks the debut feature film of the promising director ASAO Nozomi, expresses in various ways that life is scrap and build.
The characters, amidst adolescence, confront their own identities, and though it may seem small at first glance, it becomes a significant step towards changing society.
One unforgettable scene stands out among the many vivid and fresh shots. In an art class, the main character’s hesitant hand drawing a sketch on a white sheet of paper appears prominently. The challenges of making that initial stroke, in various aspects of life (including film production, of course), resonate with the audience as they witness the confusion and trembling of hands.
Director Asao’s shots appeal directly to the viewer’s senses, but they also seem to encourage intellectual contemplation. Perhaps it’s because she contemplates various aspects when making a film.
In any case, I urge you to watch this film, “A Muse Never Drowns”!

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ASAO Nozomi
ASAO Nozomi

Immersed in a pool of talented cast and crew, “A Muse Never Drowns ” embarked on its journey in the summer of 2019 but faced a temporary hiatus due to the pandemic, and ultimately emerged as a finished piece in 2021. The culmination of 2 years of effort allowed us to capture on camera not only the evolution of the characters’ hearts but also the evolving world around us.
In this film, characters with diverse sexualities open up about their individual feelings and learn to acknowledge each other. At its core lies the notion that “each person’s sexuality is not easily confined to rigid boundaries but rather flows through a gradient”. The characters layer lines and colours to create paintings and the object of a ship, engaging in a cycle of destruction and creation, as they strive to face themselves, others, and the world.
Through the act of creation, hearts find liberation, sparking a surge of unfettered imagination. To express the joy of sharing this with others, we took on the challenge by intertwining sound effects with musical expression and leaping through spatial dimensions with visual representation. Keep an eye out for the captivating aspects of both the paintings and objects crafted within the film itself.

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  • Italy
    Antonio Napoleone

    A sensitive coming of age and a promising debut by Asao Nozomi. The two lead actresses deliver excellent performances and are a major added value to this film.

  • Germany

    I really liked the film. A nice coming age film! I particularly liked the actors and the direction. I liked the connection between personal development and artistic work.

  • Thailand

    Very inspiring!
    Thank you everyone involved for a good film😊

  • Australia

    What a lovely story! A bit less sad and a bit more inspiring <3

  • Mexico
    Alejandro S

    Muy buena me gustaron muchos los personajes, aunque no que no se viera el niño recién nacido, faltaba ver donde viviría después, pero en general una buena historia que nos hace ponernos en los pies de los demás, tanto hablando del amor como cuando molestan a otros.

  • Russian Federation

    A very beautiful and touching film, filled with beautiful sounds and colors. After watching I was left with a feeling of warmth and hope. Thank you.

  • Russian Federation

    I like the story very much. So many people of all ages, cultures and countries have no idea about who and what they are, and so many of them forbid themselves to seek answers…
    Thank you, dear creators!

  • Hungary

    A sensible touch on the souls of young people at the beginning of life. I think it was influenced by a Hungarian movie, “Hahó, a tenger!” (1972). The motive of the tinkered ship and the sea is taken from that.

  • Germany

    とても感動した深みのある映画作品です。俳優さん達も素晴らしい演技力を見せたことは監督さんの能力のおかげでしょうね!シーンが一つ一つ丁寧に選ばれていて、音と音楽もユニークに使われて面白かったし、見る側のことまで考えてくれているように感じました。色々と考えさせられるヒント(人間関係、親子関係、教育、日本社会、などなど) を与えて下さってありがとうございました。浅雄監督の次の作品が楽しみです。

  • Spain

    Preciosa película, transmite y envuelve al espectador en un halo de intimidad, donde los personajes muestran la forma en como cada una de ellas van encontrando la manera de poder aceptar las propias divisiones subjetivas que van experimentando, las identificaciones, la sexualidad y en la forma en que comparten y descubren su propia creatividad.
    Película intimista con una preciosa musica que conmueve al espectador.

  • Germany

    Fascinating 🙂

  • Malaysia

    This is a beautiful, heartfelt film with an interesting sound design when Saku starts working her magic.

    This film evokes a sense of nostalgia, reliving the times when we were youths trying to find our identities, questioning every step we’re about to take, and feeling so afraid of making the wrong move.

    But just like the scene where they stare out to the beautiful sea, may we be reminded that just like the waves at sea, life has its ebbs and flows. As we stare out and find inspiration from it, may we always remain afloat with our muse, and never drown.

  • United States of America

    I look forward to seeing more films from this director…capturing the process of figuring out one’s identity or identities through journeys

  • Mexico

    ¡Hermosa historia! Los personajes tienen mucha personalidad, por lo que es fácil encariñarse o identificarse con ellos, además de que las situaciones resultan cercanas para el público. Me gustó mucho el trabajo de las pinturas que se muestran, definitivamente logran transmitir los sentimientos de los personajes; también la música y el sonido se desempeñan con esa emotividad. El mensaje sobre lo complejo de los sueños, de ser uno mismo y de seguir adelante me conmovió.

  • United States of America

    I enjoyed this movie. It is beautifuly done.

  • Colombia

    Esta película me deja con una sonrisa y una increíble sensación, qué gran debut de la directora, ansiosa por conocer más de su trabajo. Todas esas emociones que se tienen en la adolescencia, esas ansias por descubrir el mundo, pero al mismo tiempo el temor a no encajar, a no pertenecer. Varios temas muy bien abordados, el descubrir la sexualidad, el compañerismo, dejar atrás el hogar donde has pasado toda tu vida y sentir que un pedacito de ti también se va, el arte y cómo se aprecia (o desprecia) según los ojos de quien lo vea. Y todo lo anterior me llegó por intermedio de las grandes actuaciones, especialmente de sus dos protagonistas, llenas de sentimiento, intensidad, impulsividad, exploración. Quiero darle un abrazo a Saibara y decirle que todo estará bien, y a todas aquellas personas que se identifiquen con ella, tal como yo, que sepan que esos sentimientos son válidos, que el amor hay que vivirlo libremente y ser.

  • Germany
    Horst Fabry

    A beautiful film showing how young people have to find their path in art but more important their path in life.

  • Philippines

    I was really relate this film. Between the two main characters sides, they have different talents that could make audience realize that there are many hidden talents and skills we don’t have been recognize and appreciate. Just show our artworks to anyone, and they will look for us and know what’s the real behind of the art we created, especially our hidden feelings from what we interpreted when we create our artwork/s.

  • Poland

    It is a charming movie!

  • Singapore

    I loved this film. I could relate to the two main characters, as well as the supporting character of Emi. The emotions portrayed and interactions between the characters were all so tense and natural at the same time. There was a lot of respect given to the complicated feelings the characters were experiencing. The film also looked absolutely beautiful with fantastic compositions and framing, and I loved the sound design during the scenes where Saku was tinkering with her scrap projects. The feelings that Saibara has for Saku were also treated with so much care by both the film, and Saku herself. I’m really glad I got to watch this film.

  • Australia

    A touching film about art, friendship, love, inclusion and inspiration.

  • Thailand

    ตอนแรกๆของเรื่องจะไม่ค่อยเข้าใจความคิดตัวละครเท่าไหร่ เป็นหนังที่ต้องดูไปเรื่อยๆถึงจะเข้าใจ เหมือนตัวละครเก็บอะไรไว้ไม่บอกเราจริงๆ ตอนท้ายทำออกมาได้ดีมาก ดูแล้วย้อนถึงความคิดช่วงที่เราเป็นวัยเดียวกันและอบอุ่น

  • Congo, Democratic Republic of the


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