From August till October 2023, the Japan Foundation (JF) will hold a special feature "JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA 2023" which will shine a spotlight on the "mini-theaters" that support the diversity of Japanese film culture and adding to the vibrancy of local communities.

Following the highly successful launch of "JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA" in 2022, which showcased 12 Japanese films and 6 mini-theaters for overseas viewers and received a great response. We are happy to announce we will distribute 12 Japanese movies recommended by mini-theaters around Japan and filmmakers around the world, additionally we will provide complementary access to videos that introduce 10 mini-theaters. To enhance your experience, we have also prepared a variety of content on the website that will allow you to further experience the charm of the mini theater.

Mini theaters play a pivotal role in supporting Japanese film culture. In 2022, there were over 590 movie theaters, with an impressive 136 of them being mini theaters, accounting for about 20% of all movie theaters. In addition, of the 538 movies released in theaters in the same year, a staggering 60% of those were-small scale productions released in 49 or fewer theaters, majority of these films found themselves being exclusively shown in mini-theaters*.

Mini theaters play a crucial role in supporting Japanese film culture. In addition to being a venue for movie screenings, they also contribute to the production of movie sets in their respective local areas. Moreover, many mini have as cafes as well as other additional amenities, creating a hub that attracts a diverse range of people. Serving as a platform that foster connections and collaborations within the community, by embracing multifaceted roles, mini theaters are a reflection of the local communities they are a part of.

We hope that through this project, you will be able to experience the many charming aspects of the mini theater, which is an important stage for Japanese film.

Referring to "Movie Screening Activity Yearbook 2022" (JAPAN COMMUNITY CINEMA CENTER)

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