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  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater
  • Motomachi Movie Theater


Situated in Kobe, a city nestled between mountains and the sea, where Japanese history and foreign culture intertwine, the Motomachi Movie Theater first opened its doors on August 21, 2010. Founded by Horichu, a passionate film enthusiast, and a group of like-minded fans, it quickly became a gathering place for movie lovers. Embodying the spirit of "a theater created and operated by everyone," we take pride in curating a diverse selection of films, ranging from timeless classics to thought-provoking documentaries and works by talented young directors.
Our commitment to providing a carefully chosen lineup is matched by our dedication to hosting engaging events. We frequently welcome directors and performers from the movies being screened, making these occasions especially captivating. Weekends, in particular, see a delightful flurry of multiple events.
The Motomachi Movie Theater finds its home in the vibrant Motomachi shopping district, with the port area and Chinatown just a stone's throw away. This proximity allows you to relish not only a great movie experience but also the pleasure of indulging in delectable cuisine and leisurely strolls amidst the charm of Kobe's surroundings.


Representative TAKAHASHI Isao, full-time staff HAYASHI Miki, ISHIDA Ryo, and WADA Tasuku. The theater operates with the dedicated efforts of part-time workers, volunteers, and management staff. The detailed backgrounds and experiences of each staff member can be found in the book "Motomachi Eigakan Story", which provides a retrospective account of the theater's journey.
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  1. 1999
    The founder HORI Chu acquired the Motomachi-kan, which would later become the Motomachi Movie Theater.
  2. 2006
    Hori and other volunteer film fans gathered to start a movie theater launch project.
  3. 2010
    "General Incorporated Association Motomachi Cinema" was established. The first representative director and general manager was FUJISHIMA Junji.
  4. 2010
    The interior was painted and carpeted by volunteers under the direction of an architect.
  5. 2013
    SUMITA Akiyo was appointed as the second representative director.
  6. 2013
    HAYASHI Miki was appointed as the second manager.
  7. 2013
    The projection method shifted from film-based to digital (DCP)-based. Survived large capital investment.
  8. 2017
    A high-rise condominium was built next door, and the building was closed for a week for soundproofing work. Survived large capital investment.
  9. 2019
    TAKAHASHI Isao was appointed as the third representative director.
  10. 2020
    Movie theaters across the country were closed for a month and a half due to the corona crisis. Motomachi Cinema was closed from April 15th to May 29th.
  11. 2021
    A book looking back on the 10-year history of Motomachi Cinema was published under the responsibility of editorial staff EGUCHI Yumi.
  12. 2023
    The manager position was abolished. ISHIDA Ryo is in charge of programming, succeeding HAYASHI Miki.


4-1-12 Motomachidori Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken, 650-0022 Japan
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A Muse Never Drowns
A Muse Never Drowns
2022 / Drama, Romance / 82min G

A fresh coming-of-age film that depicts the diversity of life choices through scrap-and-build.

A member of the art club called Sakuko accidentally falls into the sea while sketching a boat. While her classmate Saibara captures her misfortune in a painting and wins an award at a contest, leading the painting to be displayed at school. Frustrated by this, Sakuko gives up on her own painting and ventures into new creative endeavors. However, Saibara asks her to model for another artwork.
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Comments from the Theater

"A Muse Never Drowns" marks the debut feature film of the promising director ASAO Nozomi, expresses in various ways that life is scrap and build.
The characters, amidst adolescence, confront their own identities, and though it may seem small at first glance, it becomes a significant step towards changing society.
One unforgettable scene stands out among the many vivid and fresh shots. In an art class, the main character's hesitant hand drawing a sketch on a white sheet of paper appears prominently. The challenges of making that initial stroke, in various aspects of life (including film production, of course), resonate with the audience as they witness the confusion and trembling of hands.
Director Asao's shots appeal directly to the viewer's senses, but they also seem to encourage intellectual contemplation. Perhaps it's because she contemplates various aspects when making a film.
In any case, I urge you to watch this film, "A Muse Never Drowns"!
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A cosmopolitan but compact port city that boasts some of the country's best beef

Located across the bay from Osaka , Kobe is Japan's sixth largest city and the capital of Hyogo Prefecture .
Long home to the bulk of Japan's international trade, cosmopolitan Kobe has a unique history and distinct architecture.
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