左様なら今晩は A Girl in My Room

  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
  • A Girl in My Room
2022 / Drama, Romance / 98min G
Available Worldwide (except Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan)
English, Spanish (Latin America), Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Contains drinking and smoking scenes.


A fantasy romantic comedy that highlights the charm of the city of Onomichi.

A fantasy romantic comedy based on the popular comic by the manga artist, YAMAMOTO Chugaku, supported by the younger generation. The story follows Yohei, a heartbroken young man who gets dumped by his girlfriend. Suddenly, a girl ghost appears in Yohei's room. As she had never experienced love during her lifetime, she becomes curious about romantic relationships between men and women. She bombards Yohei with questions every day, initially annoying him, and he tries to find a way to exorcise her. However, as he spends more time with her, he begins to feel comfortable with her, realizing she is just like a normal human girl. The film is an all-Onomichi locating, and Cinema Onomichi, which appears in the film as well, highly recommends it, praising the beautiful scenery of Onomichi. They commend the film's direction and cinematography for showcasing the city's hidden charms that even the locals might not have noticed, making it an excellent piece of work.
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Director Profile


Born in 1996 in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo. While still in high school, Takahashi wrote "How to Identify the Correct Bus" and won the Grand Prize in the Short Film category at the 14th Isan Studio Film Festival Screenplay Award, becoming the youngest recipient at the age of 18 in the history of the film festival. The following year, Takahashi took the director's seat and produced the film with NAKAJO Ayami as the lead actress. In 2019, the film was theatrically released in Cinema Art Shinjuku and other cities such as Osaka and Nagoya after four years. Currently, Takahashi is actively working as a freelance director and screenwriter.
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A Girl in My Room
SDP Inc.
Cinema Onomichi: KAWAMOTO Seijun
Cinema Onomichi: KAWAMOTO Seijun

An all-Onomichi location production starring KUBO Shiori, a member of the idol group Nogizaka46. HAGIWARA Riku, who has been gaining attention in the TV drama “My Beautiful Man”, plays the role of the heroine’s lover. This is a live-action adaptation of the manga by YAMAMOTO Chugaku, sharing the same name. It portrays a heartfelt and poignant love story, depicting the extraordinary cohabitation of an ordinary and clumsy office worker and a naive and pure-hearted ghost.
It’s a wonderful work that envelopes the pure love of young people with the picturesque scenery of Onomichi. The film’s highlight lies in the scenic landscapes of Onomichi. The scenes where the main characters enjoy Onomichi’s specialties like pudding and okonomiyaki leave a lasting impression. Onomichi is a city where you can relish both its beauty and cuisine, so I would be delighted if you could embark on a journey to explore the filming locations.

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The moment I first met the lead actors, KUBO Shiori and HAGIWARA Riku, I was convinced that “Aisuke and Yohei are the only ones for this”. Kubo approaches acting with unwavering dedication, and Hagiwara effortlessly meets any demands placed upon him. Being of roughly the same generation, I feel that they were able to candidly exchange their opinions and interpretations while filming. In the slightly mysterious yet realistic and comical world created by YAMAMOTO Chugaku, Kubo, Hagiwara, the rest of the cast, and the entire crew put their hearts into this production—a work filled with love.

A comment via the official website of the film “A Girl in My Room”

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  • Thailand
    Upani Upani

    面白い映画と思います。 見たいです。

  • Italy

    Thank you for this very elegant film which is not just sweet and light-hearted, but, with exquisite Japanese style, says so much, without spelling things out bluntly. It is a film about what true relationships should be about. I loved it.

  • Thailand
    Oshi Kubochan

    คุโบะจังน่ารักมาก<3 ใครโอชิคุโบะแล้วไม่ดูคือพลาดอะครับ

  • Thailand

    Good movie. Good actress. Good Kuboshi.

  • Indonesia

    I like the story especially the conversation between Yo-san and Aisuke but the ending is less than satisfying.

  • Italy
    Antonio Napoleone

    Enjoyable sentimental ghost story.
    I have seen better though.

  • Thailand

    Good movie with interesting plot but a bit too short.
    8+1.5/10 for Kubo Shiori.

  • United States of America

    Beautiful story. Shiori’s performance was awesome!

  • Indonesia

    9 / 10 i loved it quite touching and sad yet the scenes really good and peaceful

  • Thailand
    Double P

    I luv it

  • Thailand

    Very heartwarming film!❤️
    It gives me a sense of pure loving relationship. Anyway, a bit letdown about a lack of background story of the main character which I was expecting that at the end…
    Overall, Impressive story and scenic city! Keep up the good work!🙂

  • Spain

    Preciosa, dulce, sencilla y muy bien dirigida. Gracias por unos momentos tan entrañables.

  • Mexico

    Cuando se trata de fantasmas, Japón siempre toma los enfoques más interesantes, y en esta película se experimentan tantas emociones agradables como amargas. Es fácil identificarse con Aisuke y su sensación de frustración, pero también con su nueva apreciación de la vida luego de la muerte. Yo-san crece como persona y nosotros con él, por lo que el final, aunque grato, también es tristemente reconfortante. ¡Y Kubo Shiori es adorable como Aisuke!

  • Philippines

    I love the movie and it takes different approach about ghost. I only watch this kind of ghost being cute in anime but this one suits really well in a movie. They should have include the background story of Aisuke. The ending is sad but I like it that way. I only watch this because of Kubo but this movie didn’t disappoint me. It makes me cry. Nice movie.

  • Alessia

    I liked the story, to get used to a ghost sharing your life and even fall in love, is an interesting approach to the matter.

  • Mexico

    Que película tan linda. La relación entre los protagonistas me encantó.
    Es la primera vez que veo una película de este estilo ❤️

  • Indonesia

    It has an interesting approach to talk about life, but I am not quite a fan of the ending.

  • Australia

    Romantic and life changing (especially for the main characters).

  • Mexico
    Tamara M

    Me encantó la temática de la película, sin lugar a duda es una película que recomendaría si te gusta lo tierno, lo sencillo y lo cómico que puede ser un amor juvenil.

  • Brazil
    Henry Shingo Iwamoto

    Amei gostei muito filme muito sensível, e respeitoso.

  • Philippines

    This was poignant. Thank you for allowing us to see this. I loved it.

  • Australia

    Wonderfully touching story of young lovers, the innocence and the dedication of the youth so fabulously capture on film!

  • Philippines
    Sundee Guevara

    Loved it very much. 🙂

  • Germany

    Such a lovely movie. Enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you so much.

  • Indonesia

    Aaaaaa Shiori-chaan 😍

  • United States of America

    Very enjoyable…💙 the ending. These romantic fantasies are my favorites

  • Spain

    La imagen final me ha hecho repensar toda la película. Muy entretenida y los actores geniales. Me ha encantado el momento en el puerto de Onomichi, ese abrazo, esa naturalidad.

  • Brazil

    It’s a such cute movie with good combination of funny and sweet moments. Very enjoyable to watch.

  • Philippines
    Jo Anne

    Thank you for this poignant story. Very well told!

  • Mexico

    Disfrute mucho la película. Tenía un rato que no veía alguna película sobre fantasmas ligada a algún tema romántico, 🙂 esta fue muy divertida y conmovedora.

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Great film!
    Brought back good memories of visiting Onomichi too.

  • Italy

    Thank you for this movie! Good and emotional story

  • Poland

    Thank you for this touching movie with beautiful actresses.

  • Jess Abud


  • Mexico
    Noe HZ

    Que buena película!!, Muy divertida y emotiva solo que no entendí el final.

  • Mexico

    Me fascina este tipo de filmes orientales, romántico-fanstasmales, son de lo mejor, siempre tienden a dejar mucho a la imaginación o a criterio del espectador. La historia está bien cronometrada, los actores muy bien en su papel, con varios mensajes que pueden ser a “re-interpreatación” personal. Una historia muy hipnotizadora, cautivadora y estupenda. Gracias por compartir este filme.

  • Mexico

    Me encantan estos filmes orientales con tintes románticos y fantasmales. Me gustó la actuación, el ambiente, el desarrollo…hasta con un mensaje muy profundo y muy bien transmitido. Gracias por compartirla.

  • Henry shingo Iwamoto

    A very sensitive, delicate film like Japanese culture, without appeals, very respectful and I watched it several times because it was very well directed, congratulations to the director of the film “TAKAHASHI Natsuki”, exemplary work worthy of admiration.

  • Mexico

    Increíble película. Una historia que te atrapa y no quieres que acabe.

  • Spain

    Encantadora. Me recuerda las historias de fantasmas, tan presentes en las leyendas japonesas. Y en películas como las de Mizoguchi. Muchas ternura y actuación excelente de los actores, con una gestualidad impresionante. Felicitaciones al director, actores y todo el equipo. Y a JFF por brindarnos la oportunidad de disfrutar de estas producciones que no nos llegan por otros medios.

  • Viet Nam

    I hope I’m enjoy this film

  • Mexico
    Arturo del mar

    La película, bonita. Pero en cuanto a la historia, un poco confusa, ya que el final no se entiende. faltan ciertas pistas importantes en la narrativa.

    ¿Era su reencarnación? Si es así, ¿cuántos años pasaron?, el actor se veía igual, entonces, ¿ella era menor de edad?

    Interesante planteamiento sobre la superstición y los fantasma, pero, mal en el contexto y la narrativa de los sucesos importantes de los personajes, que te llevan al desenlace.

    Para ser un final abierto, faltó un poco de contexto, ya que de no ser así, se percibe incompleto. Gracias.

    Que bueno que existan estos espacios para este arte.

  • Indonesia
    Rivan Muhammad Fahreza

    3 kata: Indah banget Filmnya!!!

  • Kay

    Very cute and enjoyable film with some funny moments! Really enjoyed this one!

  • Spain

    Una película llena de ternura, tanto Yo-san como Aisuke interpretan maravillosamente sus papeles. Me ha encantado. Gracias por poder disfrutar de un cine que aquí a Europa no llega a las salas!!

  • Colombia

    Intrigante e inesperado de principio a fin. Excelentes actores y actrices, la historia muy bien organizada aunque me hubiera gustado saber más acerca del pasado de ella. Una de las enseñanzas que puedo sacar es aprender a cerrar ciclos y a que si una persona es la indicada para ti, tarde o temprano y de la forma más inesperada, regresará.

  • Ecuador

    Hermosa película. Me llegó al corazón. Felicitaciones.

  • Philippines

    I admire the peculiar friendship of Yo-san and Aisuke. Even a long-distance relationship can stand, and transcend worldly boundaries.

  • Mexico

    Me decepcionó el ritmo que lleva, un poco incoherente como es que se da la relación entre los protagonistas, lo sentí un poco forzado y quizá flojo. Creo que le falto explicar un poco más algunos detalles o profundizar en los personajes. SPOILERS ¿Cómo es que Yohei pudo olvidarse de su ex novia de un día para otro, teniendo en cuenta que duró dos años con ella? ¿Por que dejó esa actitud desinteresada y fue el mejor novio del mundo con Ai? ¿Ella qué tenía de especial? ¿Se enamoró de él desde que estaba con su novia?
    Bueno, además de las dudas obvias con las que nos deja.
    En ese sentido, siento que es una película algo incompleta que ni si quiera deja pistas para deducir qué pasó con el fantasma.
    Aún así es disfrutable, bonita estéticamente, un abrazo cálido al corazón si estás triste.
    (Este comentario es desde la perspectiva de la película y la impresión que me dio esta, no del manga). 😉

  • United States of America

    Such a sweet and bitter sweet movie. Cute, funny, heartwarming and heart breaking. The natural awkwardness of the two main characters compared to everyone else in the story makes it feel very real. If I hadn’t been at work watching this I’d have been ugly crying. LOL It hit the heartstrings.

  • Indonesia
    Novi Anne

    Love the story~ I especially like the ghost’s dress~ It’s really fitting as a ghost character. And the sandals too! Beautiful~

  • Australia
    Nina Madden

    Hoping I can find English subtitles

  • Mexico
    Frank zacs

    Excelente filme, algo light y bonito. Amé la fotografía. El final me dejó un poco confuso, era su reencarnación?

  • Philippines
    Philjen Joyce

    Beautiful film. Heartfelt and moving, brought me to tears honestly. Could’ve meant a lot more if they have shown why the girl died. I was so into her character. Can anyone tell me how she died? it’s frustrating.

  • Italy

    “Every love story is a ghost story”. A delicate romance, a vivid dream with intimate talks and the beautiful sparkle of youth.

  • Mexico

    Inesperada interacción entre un fantasma y un humano. Pero bastante agradable el film.

  • Germany
    Horst Fabry

    The most heartwarming and beautiful movie i have seen for years.

  • Peru

    Una comedia romántica tranquila y bastante tierna. Me gustó la interacción de la fantasma con el protagonista.

  • Hungary
    Norbert Hanny

    Another heartfelt movie! Not easy to talk about it. Anyway, I liked it very much, and so did the girl in my room!
    (Yes, I am single 🙂

  • United States of America
    Jack Framer

    Really nice movie, the actors are good and convincing in their roles as well. Unfortunately a lack of the backstory of the main female character. I’m wondering if the original story / manga gives you more of her background.

  • Mexico
    Victor V

    This movie is a gem worth watching over and over again.
    The actors were so well developed that I could feel their joy, sadness and all the emotions throughout the movie; I highly recommend it to all those who are looking for an emotional and transformative story that touches their souls and leaves a smile on their faces. an experience I will never forget!

  • Argentina

    An adorable film, you can feel the heart put on it. Also Onomichi sure looks lovely!

  • Australia
    Julie Koh

    Such a beautiful film! Thank you for making it available to stream.

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