テクノブラザーズ Techno Brothers

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2023 / Comedy, Music / 97min G
Available Worldwide(except Japan)
English, Spanish (Latin America), Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


A must for techno lovers! A road movie unfolds as mysterious musicians take center stage.

In the desolate Kanto plain, the thunderous sound of techno music reverberates. The performers are the mysterious trio known as "Techno Brothers". One day, with the cold-hearted manager, Himuro, they embark on a journey to Tokyo to pitch their music to a record company. However, they find themselves unable to leave their hometown Otawara. This musical comedy film marks the 10th anniversary of the filmmaking collective "FOOLISH PIGGIES FILMS", led by director WATANABE Hirobumi and his brother, film composer WATANABE Yuji, based in Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture, located on the northern side of Tokyo. This is their first full-color feature film, and it received its world premiere at the 25th Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, the world's largest Asian film festival, where it garnered enthusiastic acclaim.
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Director Profile


Born in 1982 in Tochigi, Watanabe co-founded the film production group "Foolish Piggies Films" in his hometown of Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture, in 2013, together with his brother, the film composer WATANABE Yuji. His debut works, "And the Mud Ship Sails Away," "7Days," "POOLSIDEMAN," and "Party 'Round the Globe," have all been selected for the Tokyo International Film Festival consecutively since their debut. These films have received high acclaim both domestically and internationally, being screened at numerous film festivals around the world. In recent years, he has expanded his activities as an actor, and in 2022, he starred in "Your Lovely Smile" directed by Kah Wai Lim.
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Techno Brothers
Techno Brothers, YANAGI Asuna
Mark Schilling
Mark Schilling

This film was recommended by Mr. Mark Schilling through the JFF+ special feature article titled “Seven Members of the Global Film Industry Discuss Their Recent Japanese Independent Film Picks”. The article features 7 experts, including film critics and festival programmers, who are internationally active and well-versed in Japanese cinema. Each of these specialists introduces their recommended independent films from Japan. How do Japanese independent films, with their distinctive authorship and experimental elements evident in works like “Techno Brothers” resonate with the world? Find out by reading it.

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I am a Japanese film director and actor named WATANABE Hirobumi.
In 2013, together with my younger brother, film composer WATANABE Yuji, and cinematographer Bang Woo-Hyun, I founded a film production collective called “FOOLISH PIGGIES FILMS”. Over the course of a decade, we have created 11 independent films.
“Techno Brothers” is the latest music comedy film from FOOLISH PIGGIES FILMS, and it marks our first full-color feature.
I, WATANABE Hirobumi, wrote and directed the screenplay, while my brother WATANABE Yuji dedicated a year and a half to composing the music for Techno Brothers, serving as the music director.
The lead roles are played by the Techno Brothers, and the role of their manager, Himuro, is portrayed by the talented newcomer actress YANAGI Asuna.
We aimed to create an entertainment film that’s silly, ridiculous, and enjoyable. We sincerely hope that you all have a great time and find amusement in it.
And the journey of Techno Brothers is far from over.
Their journey begins right here.
In the near future, we look forward to meeting you all in “Techno Brothers 2” and “Techno Brothers 3”.
See you there.

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  • Italy
    Antonio Napoleone

    Bland deadpan comedy à la Kaurismaki about Kraftwerk-like trio (then duo) and their stone-hearted manager. Some laughs can’t save this from mediocrity. At times sound recording and image quality are really poor.
    Music and visual style reminded me of a little known Italian film called Beket (sic), directed by Davide Manuali in 2008 (of course there is some Beckett in both movies).

  • China


  • Australia

    Funny and engaging! Enjoyed it!

  • Canada

    A self-serving and fully detached manager of three automaton personalities on a road trip – I was rather reluctant to begin this journey but decided to take the plunge, and there was always the fast forward button to rely on. I’m your classical music type and was happily surprised by the opening and many classical selections that provide a very amusing and stark contrast with the band’s performances. My conclusion – a highly entertaining and quirky film and many thanks for this and any possible sequels.

  • Up

    The film is enjoyable and the music is also great! I am really into it!
    Keep up the good work!
    Can’t wait for the “Techno Brothers 2” and more 🙂

  • Igor

    Amazing film! It has everything: fun and sorrow, excellent tribute to Kraftwerk, beautiful landscapes and weird characters…
    Absolutely great! とてもすごい!
    I hope “Techno Brothers 2” and “Techno Brothers 3” are not a joke and we will get a chance to enjoy those sequels.

  • Germany

    Amusing movie with absolutely great music. I’m looking forward for more of the テクノブラザーズ!

  • Philippines
    mio dagsaan

    pop culture references aside, this was a very charming film from foolish piggies films AKA the watanabe brothers. it explores the harshness of the creative industry and how uncompensated & starved the lesser-known but capable artists are. all of these sad subjects are wrapped up nicely in a movie that makes you laugh. this one is pretty special because this is the first color film from dir. watanabe hirobumi. 面白いい映画です!ありがとうかんとくさん!

  • Mexico

    ¡Me encantó! Mi parte favorita fue toda la secuencia desde el hospital hasta el riachuelo. La música es maravillosa, ojalá puedan sacar el soundtrack a la venta. Creo que la estética de corbata y pantalón negros con camisa roja será legendaria; además, las actuaciones me divirtieron mucho, sobre todo las pasivas reacciones de los Techno Brothers contrastadas con el dominio de Himuro y los silencios del conductor. ¡Estoy esperando la siguiente parte!

  • France
    Pascal J Bonnet

    very cool film, I liked the style, the music obviously and the overall vibe ! I hope they can find intl distribution and make sequels

  • Australia

    This movie surprised me! I was pleasantly impressed with how enjoyable this film was. It was full of fun absurdity with some laughs along the way. Very much looking forward to Techno Brothers 2!

  • United States of America

    Quirky and fun, but the audio quality was just too poor

  • Mexico
    Luis Reyes

    Una extraña, y muy divertida, mezcla de road movie, con situaciones absurdas rayando en el surrealismo como único punto de “explicación” para entender el viaje de los Techo Brothers y su explotadora manager rumbo a una esperada audición y firma de contrato en Tokio. La fotografía y la música, por supuesto, sobresalen en este divertimento audiovisual. La referencia a Kraftwerk es más que notoria.

  • United States of America

    Very original comedy/music(?) film. I’ve been to techno shows and the beats get the crowd moving and grooving. It’s hilarious to see the deadpan, stand still reactions of the Techno Brothers’ audience. Great to see how they create their musical beats. Techno is definitely a non-mainstream genre which is what I like. Bring on the sequel!

  • Thailand
    Jiwut Yousomran


  • Costa Rica
    Kevin Salazar Sandi

    pues me pareció profundamente mala… a esperar que las demás que hay para ver gratis sean mucho mejores

  • Germany
    Horst Fabry

    Following in the footsteps of great Kaurismaki, but a little to long. And of cause, as i am from Germany, always reminded me of the music of Kraftwerk.

  • Italy

    Fantastic. A tribute to the cinema of Kaurismaki and the music of Kraftwerk, but all with the style of the Watanabe Brothers. The stillness of the images has a classic flavour, the framing and the long shots are reminiscent of Shimizu Hiroshi. There is also a touch of Sartre and of course Beckett. I loved it.

  • Mexico
    Federico Pérez García

    Inevitable la comparación con “Leningrad Cowboys Go America” de Aki Kaurismäki y, sin embargo, “Techno Brothers” tienen su propio encanto. Una road movie bastante surrealista que nos situa en el Japón más rural, donde los contrastes de colores saltan a la vista. El guiño a Kraftwerk en la vestimenta es más que eso… Justo el vestuario de los Techno Brothers es lo que los situa en ese espacio surrealista en el que es caso incincebible su presencia en las provincias que van visitando runmbo a su Tokio, su destino…

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