わたしの見ている世界が全て LONELY GLORY

2022 / Drama / 82min G
Available Worldwide (except Japan)
English, Spanish (Latin America), Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Contains drinking and smoking scenes.


A human drama that provokes contemplation on the essence of "family" and local "shops".

Upon entering university, Haruka leaves her hometown and goes on to excel at a venture company. However, her willingness to use any means necessary to achieve her goals becomes her downfall as she is forced to resign due to accusations of harassment. Struggling with funding after attempting to start her own business, Haruko returns home following her mother's passing and proposes selling the family's shop. Her sister shows little interest, while her brothers vehemently oppose the idea. Haruka leans forward a plan to make her family members self-sufficient. Praised for its comedic touch and non-intrusive script, the film shines with the actors' remarkable performances. Their collaborative efforts with the local community align well with Cinekoya's mission. Besides the entertainment value of a family drama, the film also presents an intriguing aspect of indirectly criticizing the Japanese economy through the lens of local "shops". It prompts us to contemplate the significance of local "shops" in our towns.
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Director Profile

SAKON Keitaro

SAKON Keitaro is a director and producer who graduated with top honors from the Nihon University College of Art's Film Department Director Course. His directorial work "Kazoku no Fuukei" received the Best Actor Award at the 2014 Fukuoka Independent Film Festival, as well as the Special Award and Best Actor Award at the 2013 TAMA NEW WAVE Film Festival. His film "Nanami Kawakami The ACTRESS" was selected for the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2018 and the Academy Awards Official Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018.
His latest film, "LONELY GLORY" is Sakon's second feature film following his debut feature "Tokyo Butterfly" which was an Official Selection at the Florence Film Award in 2020.
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SAKON Keitaro
URAKI Harumi, SAKON Keitaro
Tokyo New Cinema
Cinekoya: TAKENAKA Shoko
Cinekoya: TAKENAKA Shoko

This film shines with its exceptional directing… I truly believe that director SAKON Keitaro is a master of his craft.
The choice of words (dialogues) that maximizes the actors’ potential, the way they capture the expressions on the actors’ faces, and the subtle “pauses” all reflect a mature sense of production. Particularly, the transformation of MORITA Kokoro, the main character, from a bright and cute image to the cheeky movement of his pouty lips, is impressive.
Moreover, the production extends not only to the actors but also to the ambiance of the “shop” setting. The deserted dining room and household goods store in the countryside… The presence of this quiet breathing space in the town seems to embody another main character in the story. The depiction of these existing “stores” that are relegated to the fringes of modern Japanese society provokes contemplation about their significance.
The film’s delicate balance is simply wonderful, and the script’s goodness allows the message to be conveyed with a touch of comedy, without being intrusive. The efforts of “Tokyo New Cinema,” the team behind its production, are also very intriguing in terms of the future business potential of the indie film industry, and I will definitely keep a close eye on their work.

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SAKON Keitaro
SAKON Keitaro

“I want to create a story about a family living here”.
This project started with the words of director NAKAGAWA Ryutaro, my senior who I’ve been creating films with since “SUMMER BLOOMS”. Taking the motifs of “family” and “place” by Director Nakagawa from the original concept, we pondered what themes to infuse. During this process, I began to see the themes that laid deeply within my heart.
In today’s era the questions we have such as “how to get accurate information and to derive the best solution, while navigating through life?” There is a sentiment of “information is always available, and since everyone has the freedom of choice, failure is one’s own responsibility”, this creates a sense of unease. With that premise, the feeling anger towards the behavior of not considering others’ feelings, and thinking“there’s no avoiding sacrifice for achieving one’s desired goals”. To voice my dissent against such a state of affairs, I embarked on creating this film.
I’d be delighted if many people could see this film and realize that “the world you see” there might be more than meets the eye.

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  • India
    Siddharth M

    Loved this slice of life dramedy. Favourite genre, Japanese and Korean films do this so well.
    It’s great to know that it’s the director’s second feature, hope for many great ones to come!
    The characters were great — perfectly pitched. All loveable, even the protagonist eventually haha.

  • Hungary

    It’s like an antique Greek tragedy with strong social criticism. Her business philosophy (“let’s get rid of everybody who is useless”), like the old crime of Oedipus, leads to the final collapse…

  • France

    amazing movie, full of everyday’s life, sadness and joy, intense and funny moments. We don’t choose our family, but all the moments we spend with them make us one and strong, and define us also. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Thailand

    This film does not only contain a profound storytelling but also truly reflect the significance of empathy regarding family bond.
    Thank you everyone involved for a good film!😊

  • Australia

    Really enjoyed this movie! What a touching story!

  • France
    Sybille BERGIA

    très beau portrait de famille avec des personnages complexes parfois opposés parce qu’ils n’ont pas les même références parce qu’ils sont de différentes générations, cela donne a voir la réalité d’une famille japonaise d’aujourd’hui; face à des difficultés ordinaires mais réel de la société actuelle au Japon….

  • Germany
    Anna Lazarescu

    I am really glad to have watched this movie. Its themes and atmosphere will stay with me for a long while, and already I feel like the questions raised will cause an enduring rumination inside of me. I loved the minimalist dialogue and the liberty it gave the actors to express so much, I loved the main character and her flawed nature and the tragedy of not ever knowing if one did right or wrong by simply trying their best “in their” eyes. There is so much to love about this movie, from the stillness and remote harmony of the small town and community life, to the beauty of simple manual labour, such as cooking, repairing an item with one’s own hand, or field work. Wonderful piece.

  • Indonesia
    Stefanus Wahyu

    The essence of ‘family’ and the importance of ‘shops’ converge in this touching narrative, challenging us to reevaluate our understanding of these integral components of our lives. The film invites us to contemplate not only the relationships we share with our loved ones but also the role we play in supporting the local businesses that bring character and uniqueness to our communities. It encourages us to cherish these bonds and preserve the legacy of our hometowns, ultimately provoking us to question the broader implications of the choices we make as individuals and as a society.

    In the end, this compelling story is a testament to the enduring power of family, the resilience of local businesses, and the enduring values that bind us together, reminding us of the immeasurable worth they bring to our lives.

  • Russian Federation

    Excellent work by the director, cameraman and actors. After watching the film, I was left with a feeling of sadness and loneliness, but this does not change the fact that the film is very beautiful, easy to watch and makes you think about your life.

  • Mexico

    Me gustó mucho la película. Las tomas y el lenguaje cinematográfico me parecieron muy buenos, al igual que las actuaciones. Se aprecia mucho también conocer este aspecto de Japón sobre el significado que los comercios locales tienen en las personas y como el mundo moderno hace que desafortunadamente terminen. Muchas gracias por permitirnos disfrutar del cine japonés.

  • Indonesia

    I really like this movie as the main protagonist has her flaw but at the same time push her family to move on with life with her own way. I love how they ‘talk’ without saying things

  • Germany

    Excellent actors and a very enticing psychology. Not one boring moment in the entire movie. Felt very real and convincing.

  • Philippines

    I love the film’s portrayal of family dynamics. Minimal scoring and dialogue, but the cinematography was excellent. The actors conveyed their characters very well despite not being explicitly expressive. Beautiful film! I’m glad I got to see it.

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Thank you for producing this film.

    I loved the family dynamics, and related to the main protagonist.

    The reflection of modern culture, and how we have lost the sense of Self through what is considered success makes us mindful of our lifetime aspirations.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing more of your films.

  • Thailand

    We want you to help improve the accuracy of this piece of writing.

    This film prompts us to reflect and consider who we may have lost along the way.

    SAKON Keitaro’s work in this piece adeptly portrays a sense of internal disintegration. The dialogues and various arrangements effectively evoke our emotions. Watching the entire film, it becomes evident that he strategically unveils scenes to impact the audience in a specific manner. And these scenes hit the target precisely.

  • Germany
    Martin Schubert

    Ein intimer Einblick in eine für Nicht-Japaner eher unsichtbare Welt. Auf mich wirkt der Film ambitioniert und durchaus auch gekonnt, aber insgesamt dennoch unausgereift. Zuviel Probleme, zuwenig Humor.

  • India
    Ashish Naula

    I want to watch this drama/movie

  • India

    Arigatou gozaimasu Sakon Keitaro san. What an amazing way of depicting the little intricacies of relationships especially within a family, among siblings. The tussle of acting upon individual opinion versus process of having or not having a consensus over parental property is well narrated and presented. Sibling care, honest opinions and judgements along with dealing with people associated with the siblings – whether a farmer, regular customers, even scammers play a huge role in making Haruka – the protagonist ponder over the pursuit of urban entrepreneurial leaving behind suburban lives and lifestyle. The director has rightly presented the complexities of maintaining and running a local shop on a global platform, indeed!

  • Mexico

    Me gustó mucho cómo se refleja la compleja relación entre hermanos, y también, las inquietudes de la juventud y lo desorientados que a veces nos sentimos. Toca temas muy importantes, como el esfuerzo por mantener las apariencias con el resto, la necesidad impuesta de ser los mejores y el temor de fracasar, hacer lo que la sociedad espera de nosotros y la profunda desconexión que ello origina, además de increparnos sobre si hacerlo nos dará la felicidad. Me parece una película muy actual y oportuna para los tiempos que vivimos.

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    A delicate family drama that centers on 4 siblings who must decide what to make of themselves and the store they inherit after the passing of their parents.
    Well observed characters and a tight script – this fits a lot in over the brief 82 minute run time – make for a memorable little film.
    The film does a good job of showing and not telling us the situations and their root causes – kudos to the director for that.

  • Thailand

    I love this film, it reminded me about my relationship among siblings.

  • India
    Arihant Sharma

    It’s Nice To See That Such Events Are Being Organised. It Really Helps in Learning and Understanding Japanese Language Better

  • United States of America

    Really enjoyed this film. All of the characters were flawed but sympathetic, and I found myself hoping for their individual successes. Moments of levity and humor were balanced with moments of sadness. The overall theme of “making it” in the world and at what cost to family, relationships, and history of place was well presented.

  • Australia

    I love this film which describes the delicate relationship among siblings.
    Very thought provoking and help me to understand the complexity among siblings. Thank you.

  • Indonesia

    Karakter masing-masing tokohnya kuat, suka sekali melihat toko-toko kecil dan komunitas yang hangat di desa.

  • Colombia

    Hay personas que se creen con super poderes para poder solucionar los problemas de todos a su alrededor, y esto los termina consumiendo en conflictos y situaciones que terminan en peleas, caos y negatividad. Cada plano muy bien pensado, situaciones simples pero que muestran lo diferentes que pueden ser los miembros de una misma familia, las tradiciones, la visión de economía, independencia, tantas cosas para pensar sobre este filme. Excelente!

  • Thailand

    ถึงบางอย่างจะดูไม่น่าเป็นไปในทางนั้น แต่เรื่องนี้นำเสนอ contrast ของความใหม่และเก่าได้อย่างหวานอมขมกลืน และความคาดหวังก็อาจจะไม่เป็นจริงเสมอไป

  • Argentina
    alicia lila pesce



  • Peru

    Los personajes de esta película se sienten tan reales y las interacciones que tienen entre ellos me generan una sensación de tristeza. Muy buena película.

  • Australia

    An engaging journey from self-absorption to empathy.

  • Guam

    The ending of this film took my breath away. As a student studying film, I have a hard time dealing with abstract concepts and the “less is more” way of storytelling. So much about this story, its characters, and the setting was said implicitly. The feelings I felt at the end with the way the film closed out has taught me a lot when it comes to storytelling. One day, I hope I make something that makes someone feel the way this film made me feel.

  • Cal

    Excellent film about human interactions between family and old remnants/baggage that bound the family members from their own personal happiness. Members of the family have to decide if they want to keep the local shop continuing after the passing of their parents.

    The most powerful scenes are when characters have no dialogue with each other. You feel the tension and frustration in the characters not knowing how to communicate with one another. So the only thing they can do is sit in silence together and stare off into the distance. Sometimes there’s just no right words to say, and it doesn’t really matter. It leaves you with a heavy heart, but also a hopeful outlook.

  • Germany
    Horst Fabry

    Showing not only the complexity within families but also the discrepancy between modern coldhearted buisness life and rural local life. Worthwhile to see

  • Malaysia

    The film felt so real, it was almost like watching a documentary of a real family. The siblings’ dialogue was so well scripted. Typical Japanese conversations, subtle but refreshingly direct in this case. Outstanding acting performance and great director’s work of art. Enjoyed it !

  • Italy

    This beautiful film, with very intense performances, made me think of Naruse’s Yearning (Midareru, 1964) centered on the end of small family shops in a changing Japan.

  • United States of America

    I really enjoyed this film. Slow and steady but still managed to tell a compelling story that kept my attention until the very end. Thank you so much for continuing to share these wonderful films with your international audience!!

  • Poland

    I am so happy to watch this movie. It shows so well and with such a kindness the complexity of relationship between siblings. Main characters were so well written and played. The movie left a little bit of sadness a little bit of warmth in my heart.

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