おーい!どんちゃん Hey! Our dear Don-chan

  • Hey! Our dear Don-chan
  • Hey! Our dear Don-chan
  • Hey! Our dear Don-chan
  • Hey! Our dear Don-chan
  • Hey! Our dear Don-chan
2022 / Drama, Comedy / 157min
Available Worldwide (except Japan)
English, Spanish (Latin America), Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Contains drinking and smoking scenes.


A miracle independent film capturing the growth of a single baby over a period of 3 years.

The film revolves around three struggling actors Michio, Gunji, and Enoken, who share a house together. One day, they find a baby girl left with a letter from Michio's ex-girlfriend. They name the child "Don-chan" and embark on the journey of raising her, despite their initial confusion. Directed by OKITA Shuichi, known for films such as "A Story of Yonosuke” and “The Fish Tale”, the movie is a self-produced project featuring OKITA and his actor friends, documenting the life of his own daughter from 6 months to 3 and a half years old. Shot entirely with a handheld camera, the film captures the heartwarming moments of Don-chan's growth and the challenges faced by the three men in nurturing her. The film was also shot on location in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, where Ueda Eigeki, a local theater, recommends the movie. Don-chan's growth is complimented along with the picturesque scenery of Bessho Onsen and Sugadaira Kogen. The heartwarming world of OKITA Shuichi, where drama and reality coexist in a mysterious harmony, unfolds throughout the film. From a crying infant, Don-chan grows to a point where she can speak her lines, and everyone's affectionate watch over her brings warmth and comfort to the viewers.
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Director Profile

OKITA Shuichi

Born in 1977. Okita is from Saitama prefecture. His film "The Chef of South Polar" was released in 2009 and received various film awards. For "A Story of Yonosuke "(2013), he won the Best Film Award at the 56th Blue Ribbon Awards, among others. Some of his films include "Ora, Ora Be Goin' Alone"(2020), "One summer story"(2021), and "The Fish tale"(2022).
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Hey! Our dear Don-chan
Don-chan, SAKAGUCHI Tappei, OTSUKA Hirota, ENDO Ryuta
OKITA Shuichi
OKITA Shuichi
OKITA Shuichi
Ueda Eigeki: NAGAOKA Shumpei
Ueda Eigeki: NAGAOKA Shumpei

Is this a movie or a home video?
Director OKITA Shuichi, renowned for films like “The Woodman and the Rain” and “A Story of Yonosuke”, presents an independent film where he and his fellow actors playfully record his daughter’s life from six months after birth to the age of three and a half. It offers an unprecedented sense of excitement and a hint of bewilderment.
The setting is a share house in Tokyo, where struggling actors reside. The presence of the baby “Don-chan,” and the adults’ growth recorded over three years, create the illusion that this is indeed a movie (in a delightful way).
Surrounded by delightful adults, Don-chan grows up on the screen, and in parallel, the adults experience changes in their emotions and environments. The film elevates Okita’s style of celebrating humanity through documentary techniques, making it a captivating piece of entertainment.This truly independent film showcases the essence of filmmaking and the unexplored possibilities, leaving everyone delighted by its charm.

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OKITA Shuichi
OKITA Shuichi

When my child was born, I purchased an 80,000-yen handheld camera at an electronics store. However,now iPhones can also take photos, I ended up not using it. One day, through a workshop, I began to play around with some actor friends I met, using that unused camera to capture something with my child. At that time, I never intended for it to become such a long film, nor did I ever plan to screen it in theaters, let alone distribute it to the world! I never could have imagined that. Originally, we were showing it as a special event in Japanese theaters, but thanks to the opportunity provided by JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA 2023, I’m really looking forward to how people outside of Japan will experience this film. I hope the special moments of Don-chan and the adults around her, will reach people all over the world. Additionally, I would be thrilled if this film could be screened in cinemas worldwide in the future.

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  • China

    What a brilliant movie! Don-chan is very cute, and the wonderful sense of humor from the director made me very happy during my watching. All the actors and actresses show their best in the movie. Through the video shot by handheld camera, I have every reason to believe that this story really happened in Ueda City. ありがとう、沖田さん!

  • Philippines

    So glad I took the time to watch this! Lots of heart and humor. Easily my favorite film of the current lineup.

  • Canada

    Three men and a baby -now that’s a sharp learning curve. Thank you so much for not making this excessively sweet.

  • Hungary

    With its docu style and improvised dialogues this film follows in the footsteps of John Cassavetes, Jacques Rivette and Henry Jaglom. Well drawn characters, well-rounded plotlines and good humour: all these virtues make it a masterpiece… and, moreover, the baby is cute ideed!

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    This was a wonderful relaxed film that let the drama unfold in a naturalistic way. Deserves a wide cinematic release.

  • Australia

    What a heartwarming story. I’m so lucky to have an opportunity to watch this film.

  • Australia

    What a great story! How lovely of the men/friends to look after the little girl as if they were all her fathers.

  • Brazil

    It was amazing! So adorable, moving and well-directed movie. The scene in the prision touched me deeply. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thailand
    Siraya L.

    Thank you! Japan Foundation for JFF+ project. I’m so glad to have the chance watching the film that directed by my fav director “Shuichi-san”. I’m looking forward to the next Shuichi-san’s film and all fresh Japanese films from JFF+ 🙂 ขอบคุณมากๆค่ะ ชอบโครงการนี้มากจริงๆๆๆ

  • Indonesia

    I love the last scene when they are saying goodbye with tears and then it ended hilarously. The baby is so cute

  • Chile
    Patricia De la Fuente

    Me encantó esta pelicula, tiene una ternura maravillosa, el estilo japones de demostrar con hechos como querían a su bebita, es muy sencillo pero impacta, como se dedican a ella, las actuaciones muy buenas y en ellas incluyo a Don Chan

  • Spain
    José Manuel

    El ambiente en el que se desarrolla la historia es muy curioso, pero en el fondo es una historia muy humana y en la que se muestra mucho amor por esa linda pequeñita. Es difícil no enamorarse de ella🥰

  • Germany

    So adorable. I think I was smiling the whole film long. A very special and enjoyable movie, thank you for sharing it with us.

  • United States of America
    Junko Abuza

    Don-chan is such an adorable natural actor! Heartwarming to watch her and the three young struggling actors grow side-by-side. Life is beautiful no matter what.

  • India
    karishma dsouza and sahir bhojwani

    We loved this film! we want to buy it to watch again years later . It’s a keeper. We felt so good watching it. Beautiful beautiful film!

  • United States of America

    Thank you for making this delightful film available for streaming outside of Japan. This film is uplifting, amusing, and enjoyable from beginning to end. I hope you continue sharing films of this caliber with Japanophiles and cinephiles around the world.

  • Egypt
    Maha Helmy

    Very interesting thanks a lot

  • Philippines
    Sundee Guevara

    I super, super loved this film. So heartwarming.

  • Judith

    Absolutely delightful!!!

  • Malaysia

    What a sweet and beautiful film about the simple pleasures of watching a baby grow into a toddler. Although a little long, the movie is poignant and filled with humanity and thoughtfulness and a perspective about parenting, childcare and family and what makes a family. These three struggling actors cum friends find themselves changed as they parent Don Chan. I enjoyed this a lot.

  • Philippines
    Roberto Dela Cruz

    The film is so natural and the story is heartwarming! Kudos to the director, the actors and all the people behind this film.

  • United States of America

    Enjoyed this sweet film, especially now that I am a grandmother and watch the parents figure things out.
    It’s true that we from a “self” focus to an “other” focus when we have children. More so, our children teach us so much and how to take pleasure in life. While we all can’t become parents, we can certainly shower our friend’s children with our time and involvement in their lives.

    I also LOVED “The Fish Tale” 💙❤️💚🧡💜🥰

  • United States of America

    I loved this movie! It is so funny and sweet at the same time. All the characters are unique but believable. Very fun film!

  • Australia

    I loved this movie! It seems like a simple story about people growing up (adults and children) and thriving in strong relationships, but it gave me a wonderfully warm feeling. ☺️ Arigatou!

  • Spain

    Gracias por esta película tan emotiva, un reflejo de la ternura que puede transmitir la llegada de un bebé a la vez que retrata la problemática social que puede suponer la crianza.

  • Argentina
    alicia lila pesce

    gracias por la ternura que todavía es posible para con los niños. En su aparente sencillez nos ofrece una visión de algunos problemas de la vida japonesa (trabajo,vivienda educación etc.) Muy buenas actuaciones, naturales.Dong Chan es adorable. MUCHAS GRACIAS.

  • Indonesia

    Very heartwarming, thank you so much for this wholesome movie.

  • Colombia

    Este filme me dejó con una mezcla de emociones. Al principio y en algunos momentos se me hizo lenta, me costó conectar; en otros me reía y disfrutaba de las escenas y las situaciones que los 3 tenían que vivir; también tuve tiempo de pensar en cómo ve la sociedad que un hombre (o en este caso 3) sean los principales educadores de un bebé, por lo menos en los primeros años de vida que fueron los que mostraron. Un filme para ver más allá de la cotidianidad, la evolución que tiene cada ser humano y lo bello que resulta darse cuenta cómo crece y aprende un ser que llega a este mundo de forma inesperada.

  • Spain

    Una pelicula de lo cotidiano, algo lenta, donde los personajes van tomando su sitio como las piezas en un rompecabezas. Donde algo inesperado, se convierte en el centro del mundo.

  • Indonesia

    I really enjoyed watching this! it’s super heartwarming and the camera language makes the film feels closer to the audience. The last scene is the best one for me. It’s sad in one second and just completely hilarious in the next!

    don-chan is the cutest!

  • Germany
    Horst Fabry

    A very unusual movie. Heartwarming, funny and touching. I loved the way it shows how not only Don-chan but all the three friends really “grow up” and find their way of life.

  • Mexico

    La película no sólo es conmovedora, sino también extremadamente adorable, tanto la pequeña Don-chan como el resto del elenco se gana tu corazón. ¡Muchas gracias por compartir estos fragmentos de su vida con el público!

  • United States of America

    Heartwarming,fresh,goofily funny. Honest perspective on the uncertainty and reward of being open to art and life.

  • Spain

    Gran película! Arigatō Gozaimasu a todos los que la habéis hecho posible y a la persona que la eligió para este festival de cine independiente porque verla aquí en un lugar tan lejano ha sido un regalo para mí! 🙏🏼❤️🤩

  • Germany

    Okita Shuichi san, thank you very, very much for this really heartwarming and wonderful movie!

  • Italy

    A heartwarming movie indeed. It really made you feel as if you were part of the friend’s group, taking care of Don-chan! Thank you! 🙂

  • Mexico

    An amazing movie. You can get all sorts of emotions within a simple story.¡Gracias!

  • Italy

    Feelgood movie of the year. All kinds of wonderful in one single movie. Some scenes are truly memorable. This one will stay with me for a long time, thank you

  • Macao


  • Italy

    Okita Shuichi you are my hero

  • United States of America

    I loved this heartwarming film! The actors made me laugh and it was fun to go on the journey with them as they raised Don-chan and were themselves transformed in the process.

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